Taking a break from the Great Glen Way hiking trail on the shores of Loch Ness, Scotland

"We want to say a big - Thank you very much! We had a really wonderful and amazing time in Scotland! It was our perfect holiday. Everything was great, either the weather (we arrived with the first day sun in Scotland and got a sunburn on our first day - nobody could believe we went to Scotland :-) ), the walking tours with really stunning views, the people, the B&Bs, the whisky and even the food. Everything in the walking pack was great, we would have found our way even if we were blinded. :-) "

Daniela Rittner and Joost Kaufmes, Böblingen, Germany  - Great Glen Way 6-Day Moderate Hiking Tour

"We had a fantastic time on the Great Glen Way. We say thank you! We are happy with the walking pack, the guesthouses, and the luggage transfer."

Brigitte & Bert Jenning, Niex, Germany - Great Glen Way 9-Day Moderate Hiking Tour

"My children loved the fairy forest (amazing!) and the ‘Abriachan Eco-Campsite & Café’"

Sandra Laaz, Marburg, Germany - Great Glen Way 9-Day Moderate Hiking Tour

"We really enjoyed our hike: Scotland is breath-taking. We are also pleased with how it was organized. We liked the fact that there were several route possibilities and that their levels of difficulty were explained (and of course first of all that various grades of difficulty were available); we also found it easy to understand what we were going to get for the tariffs we were to pay plus that the description on how to get to the starting point of the hike was quite detailed. We also felt we are dealing with a trustworthy company."

Paul van der Nat and Irina Bordei, Amsterdam, The Netherlands- Great Glen Way 8-Day Moderate Hiking Tour

"(The route was) very well described (in the route notes). You couldn’t go wrong if you wanted to. Also very good waymarked. Of the Hillwalk Scotland dinner recommendations many tried and acknowledging completely your good advice!"

Jan van Deursen and Marianne Blijleven, Malden, The Netherlands - Great Glen Way 8-Day Gentle Hiking Tour